Where Science Meets Agriculture‏

AgriPharma Ltd. combines the best of agro-technology and the HiTech sectors. It is focused on the California market, which represents up to 80% of the total crops grown in the USA. It is important to note that agriculture/cannabis for medical purposes has been legalised in some jurisdictions in the Sate of California, permitting recreational adult use as well.

AgriPharma will uses break-through technology of tissue culture for the fast propagation of plants, quality controlled, grown in laboratory. From there it goes to green houses and then directly to the farmers. First used for potato, sugarcane, eucalyptus and other crops, it is now used for AgriPharma’s agriculture propagation.

In order to begin operations, AgriPharma has established itself in Hollister, California, where a state-of-the-art facility is being outfitted with care for detail and with the best entrepreneurial practices.

AgriPharma is fully certified and licensed for cultivation, which includes laboratory, tissue-culture propagation and plantlet production. Additionally, the facility, through a Manufacturing License for Medical Agriculture, will produce specific products for this market. The facility has a separate area, which operates through a Distribution License, to work on the basis of ‘Licensee to Licensee’ and on the ‘Track and Trace system, fully adhering to local and state regulations.

AgriPharma has a vision of becoming a market leader, supporting key partners and brands, through a facility that will be a show-case. The the same time, it is a responsible corporate participant in social and communal affairs in the best of tradition.

Phone: (510)-353-3344